Puppy Shipping & Travel

Puppy Shipping

Do we ship puppies? Yes, we do, We have puppies that go all over the United States. We only offer puppies to those who live in the United States. Depending on how far away you are from us, shipping costs typically range from $200 to $400 typically if you are more than 3 hours away from us, but always talk to us first so we can tell you the cost.
If we are shipping a puppy to you by air or a puppy carrier service company, we require the puppy cost + the shipping cost up front before the puppy can be shipped to your location.
In some cases we have family members, based upon the day and distance, that can deliver the puppy to you for a little bit of a cheaper cost plus no hassle with messing with a dog shipping company.
If we are meeting you more than 1 hour away, then we require you to pay our travel costs + puppy deposit, then you can pay the remaining balance when we meet or in advance if you wish to.

if travel by airplane is the best option based upon cost, it is typically $325 to ship your puppy to nearly any airport of your choice here in the states.

How do we normally figure the exact cost of us delivering your puppy if us or a family member personally deliver a puppy to you?

We take the average cost of gas at our location and the average cost of gas at your location and that will give us the average cost of gas for the trip. Then take that number divided by 5 and that will give the current cost we will charge per mile. Then take that and multiply it by the total miles we will need to drive one way.

Example:  Average gas price here = $2.19
Average gas price at your location = $2.27
OVERALL average gas price = $2.23
Divide 2.23 by 5 = 0.446 per mile
If the trip one way is 350 miles take 350 X 0.446 = $156 dollars is your cost of our travel.

If you have any questions, let us know!