What Puppy Food Is Best For My New Puppy, As Well As My Puppy Growing Into An Adult Dog?

What Puppy Food Do We Recommend For Your New Puppy, As Well As The Puppy Growing Into An Adult Dog?

Ingredients, Ingredients, Ingredients! The ingredients in the dog food you buy is a top priority when it comes to making sure your puppy/dog grows good and stays very healthy. This does not mean going to the store and buying the most expensive dog/puppy food. This means simply taking a minute to look at the ingredients on the back of the dog food bag. You will see a list of everything that is in the dog food to make it. Many dog food brands have “corn” as the first ingredient, that is not good, high-quality dog food! You want the first ingredient on the list to be some kind of meat. When meat is listed as the first thing on the list, that means it weighs the biggest % over all ingredients in the dog food and this usually means that food is a good choice for your puppy/dog! Also, buying larger bags of dog food at a time, such as the 20lb or 50lb bags will usually get you the most food for your money instead of buying the tiny 5lb bags. You do not have to feed your puppy the same kind of dog food we feed the puppy here, just make sure to stick with a good brand of dog food and keep using that. changing brands of dog food often are usually not good for your dog/puppy and can lead to belly problems and diarrhea.