Emerald Green Arborvitae

One of our favorite plants! The emerald green arborvitaes is a slower growing tree, but it is very cold hardy and long lived! They typically grow to be around 15′ tall and 3′ wide. They normally grow on average 6″ to 12″ per year in good consortiums once established. These can be used as great foundation plants or grown in a row to make a dense privacy screen. This plant is hardy from zones 2 to 7. They can grow in partial shade but from our personal experience they grow best and thrive in full sun! These should be grown to only have one leader and not multiple leaders that can try to grow overtime, he main reason is because if you have multiple leaders they are not as strong and when they get a heavy snow load in colder areas it can make these split and look horrible. If you make them grow with only one main leader (trunk) it will grow much stronger. These are evergreen which means they stay green the entire year!