3D Printing

We can print almost anything you can think of! We can design anything from wall hook hangers, to chess sets and wedding cake toppers! You are also more than welcome to have us print something that you found elsewhere such as from websites like Thingiverse.com where there are 100s of thousands of 3D designs that we would be able to print for you! Our max printing size is around 8 Inch X 8 Inch (anything larger would need to be printed in pieces and soldered together, and the price will vary depending on the design, print time, and the amount of filament used to print! Check out some of our past prints below!

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Wedding cake Topper For Our Wedding Cake


3D Printed Guitar Wall Hanger!

Kitty Cat Smart Phone Stand


Chess Set 


Custom Hook For The Wall To Hang Stuff On, Yes It Is Plastic, But It Is Pretty Strong!


Custom Sports Stuff (Our printers can only print in one color, but on certain occasions, we will hand draw extra colors in with a 3D pen)



 Custom Desk Art (Your logo, company name or even your name to sit on your desk!)


Spoon/Ladle/Kitchen Utensil Holder (100% Custom)


3D Printed Models!  (Trump Model & Mount Rushmore Model)


Custom Navy Wall Art For A Veteran

More Random Prints!  We have done 100s Of 3D Prints and have 2 very nice printers, we can work hard to get you anything you need 3D Printed! Contact Us Here