Nothing important here! Just some random stuff from our lives that is going on with our family and our small family farm. We post a lot on our Facebook page, however for those that do not follow us on Facebook or do not have Facebook. We will add some things here as well! You can click on a post to see more info about it.

Many orders to get out!
April 26th was one of our biggest days of the year! We do lots of laser engraving and we also sell and ship trees. There was over 60 that day we got out in one day. We were tired.
Another big day, mostly trees!
Puppy litter update
So Busy Lately! Thank you to our customers!
Jax the maltipoo from 2019
“Peanut” The Cavapoo In His New Home!
“Rocco” The Cockapoo In His New Home