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Daddy Sign – Great Fathers Day Gift

Large custom sign with our colonial light natural colored stain.

We can make these daddy signs custom to your needs! We can put nearly any clip art on it you want, we can also change the name to grandpa, mom, aunt, or anything you can imagine! You can also choose the size and color based upon your needs.

Old Handwritten Letter We Engraved Into Wood

We get a request like this every now and then, we know these signs are very special to those requesting it. This letter in this case was written in the 90s by a man in this customers family that is no longer alive. They was able to take a clear picture of the note written on notebook paper and I was able to convert it to a file and darken the writing so it could be engraved. Now they will get to have a much longer lasting wood copy of the note exactly how it was written originally!

Before being stained. This was written in 1994 and now the year is 2020 and being able to reproduce it to word I’m sure is very special for that family!