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Our New Website For Our Puppies!

We have a new website, for just our puppies! As everything started originally from Weaver Family Farms, and here through – Over time we branched out to using different websites for each of the different things we do. Instead of having this website have our puppies but direct you to other websites for our other things, we finally decided we needed an entirely new website, based on this website, but just for our dogs & puppies! We are not necessarily changing our name, we are still Weaver Family Farms but we have been mentioned many times before as “Weaver Family Farms Puppies” Which we are also! That is what the name of the new website is that you can now visit for only puppies & dogs with nothing else! As of now in October 2022, it is still a work in progress, currently, the waiting list is now fully operational, the website is fast, easy to use, works across all devices, and is open for traffic. We hope to see you there! Bookmark our new website if you come to our website normally for only things puppy related, because things puppy related will now be there! Yes, it is really us! Here is a picture of our new website as of October 2022! Thanks!

New Weaver Family Farms Puppies Website at

Click Here To Visit Our New Website

Cavapoo Puppy Pictures From Early 2022

Look at these adorable red Cavapoo puppies from one of our early 2022 Cavapoo litters! These Cavapoo puppies are very well natured, sweet, LOVE attention & people. We offer puppies strictly from those on our waiting list, so none of these puppies are available. We simply wanted to share some pictures of these cute red Cavapoo puppies to share with you! Sandy (cavalier) is mommy and Jax (miniature poodle) is dad.

Red Cavapoo from 2022 litter
Weaver family farms Cavapoo 2022
Weaver family farms Cavapoo 2022