Puppies Payment

Welcome To Our Make A Payment Page For Our Puppies!

Here You Will Be Able To Submit A Payment Directly To Us Using Either Your Paypal Account Or By Using The Guest Check Out Option To Pay With A Credit Or Debit Card.



Please Do Not Submit A Payment Unless You Have Already Contacted Us. If You Have Already Spoken To Us – Once You Have Submitted Your Payment & It Has Went Through Successfully, You Should Arrive On Our Successful Payment Page – Once That Happens. Please Let Us Know That You Have Successfully Submitted A Payment To Us! If You Have Any Problems, Just Let Us Know!

By paying us with a debit or credit card PayPal Charges are 2.9% fee for you to send money to us with your debit card, so please add in that 2.9% to cover the full cost otherwise you will need to send us another amount again. For example: If you are sending $100 dollars, Please send $102.90 to cover the full amount plus the fee. If you have a PayPal account, please log in to your PayPal account and you can send as “Family & Friends” And you will not have to pay a fee. If you would like to send it manually if you have a PayPal account our PayPal email is TheWeave93@gmail.com 

Other Amount:
In The Box Below. Please Type In Your Name, Email, & What Your Payment Is For:

Please Make Sure You Type In The Correct Amount The First Time Around, It Will Save You From Having To Submit Another Payment Later For More Money. There Is Already An Option To Select To Put Your Deposit On A Puppy That You Have Spoken To Us About For $100 Dollars plus the current PayPal fee of 2.9% so your total is $102.90, For Anything Else, You Will Need To Manually Type In The Correct Amount. Thank You!

All Puppy Deposits are NON-refundable unless something happens on our end and it is our fault. The Deposit for your puppy will be counted towards your overall balance owed when you get the puppy. If a puppy is being shipped, we require the full cost of the puppy + shipping up front. If we are driving over an hour to meet you, we require you pay the travel cost up front. If you live more than a few hours away and your puppy would need to be shipped by a shipping company or a family member here, the cost normally ranges from $300 to $400 dollars on average for a shipping company, if we are able to drive long distances at the time needed, we will do our best to save you money and give you the best, cheapest shipping option available!

All Payments For Any Of Our Products, Services, Or Animals Are Final & Non-Refundable Unless Something Happens On Our End.