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“Benji” maltipoo in his forever home

Benji the apricot maltipoo is in his forever loving home in 2019! Lots of cute pictures have been shared with us from when he was young go over a year of age! How sweet! Thanks to The Wittenauer Family! Izzie & Oille are the parents of Benji

Christmas 2020! Handsome Mr. Benji

“Bella” The Cavapoo In Her New Home In Chicago!

Thanks to the Henderson family! They also drove all the way from Chicago to our home to pick up their puppy cavapoo Bella! (2019). The Henderson family has been sending us many pictures, it is so cool to see how Bella grew from a puppy to over a year old full grown!
 The picture above is of My wife Shayla, our 2-month-old son Gentry, Myself (Daxon) & Patti with her new puppy Bella!













Bella the cavapoo Christmas 2020
Christmas 2020