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Abbie (Toy Poodle) In New Home

Abbie is one of our retired girls that we rehomed, this is very hard to do especially when she was one we raised as a puppy all the way from birth. But she got an excellent new home thanks to Lavada! We will miss you Abbie but we know you got an excellent home that has a big hard and doggy door like you are used to!

In her new home with her new big yard.
Sitting in the doggy door. Her and some of her friends here at Weaver Family Farms did this sometimes too!

Custom Dog/Cat Pet Food & Water Bowl

The name on the front we laser engrave, it is 100% customizable to say anything you want!


This is a custom laser engraved pet food and water bowl holder! The water and food bowl also are both included! Shipping available! Contact us today!


The Video Below Is A Very Fast Version Of This Dog/Cat/Pet Water/Food Bowl Set Being Laser Engraved! Enjoy!

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