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Silver Maple Tree

Are you wanting to get a silver maple tree for your yard? The silver maple tree is one of our favorite trees that we typically offer for sale. There are many reasons why.

One of the main reasons a silver maple tree is a favorite of ours, but also a favorite of many others, is because it can be grown by anyone that breathes air. Yeah that’s right! If you are alive, you can grow the silver maple tree in your own yard. It is so easy to grow, that silver maple haters call it a weed! Why? Because it grows so easily and so fast. It has been recorded to grow up to 6 foot per year when young under ideal conditions. No joke!

Some do consider the silver maple tree invasive, because once it’s older and drops it’s many seeds as maples do, they sprout in places you may not want them. Technically many things are “invasive” if you don’t control them. Sure if you planted a silver maple tree out in a random place in the wild, and it did indeed grow big, in a couple of decades I’m sure there would be baby silver maple trees growing all around it.

Silver maple seedling

Our main worry with the tree, and almost all trees actually, but mainly soft wood trees such as the silver maple is that they are weaker wooded and can easily be damaged in a storm, make sure not to plant the silver maple tree close to your house or any other buildings. Try to plant it at least 30ft or more away from buildings to be more on the safe side. I would say the same about other trees too such as the red maple.

Silver maple tree

If you know to not plant it by your house, you should be in good shape long term! The silver maple grows super fast, and will give you the shade you want in a few years time.

Silver maple tree for sale! We sell silver maple trees, as long as we have them available because they sell out fast. Click here to visit our small family farm nursery website where you can purchase trees from us. God bless ya!

Weaver Family Farms Nursery

Weaver Family Farms Nursery

Weaver Family Farms Nursery

Silver maple trees for sale! We ship silver maple trees to your door! Fast growing shade trees!