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Red Japanese Maple

This kind of Japanese maple has to be one of my favorite trees for many reasons. The color of these specific Japanese maples are fantastic, not many trees keep such a beautiful color not only on the spring, but the fall too! Actually. Almost the whole year! It is one of the first ones to bud out in the spring. While some of our oaks are just starting to bus out, this maple has full leafs already. While we may not always have red Japanese maples for sale depending on the time in the future, this tree still deserves its place on our website because it is perfect in many ways.

One problem I have noticed is that this gets is bagworms. Now, many trees get bagworms but this one of our trees that they tend to like; when you see bagworm nests just make sure to remove it all and burn it. Those bugs are no good for anything!

There are different Japanese maple trees, but some are only red in the fall, this one – I believe is possibly a blood good maple tree (planted before we purchased our farm) the one here that is my picture to the left of our front porch is our personal one and I do love it due to it having beautiful red and purple colors almost the entire year. These trees do tend to stay small too. While we do keep our trimmed smaller than if it was let go. We keep ours at about 10ft in height and width so it doesn’t grow into our gutters, but these overall do stay small and almost everyone can make room for a Japanese maple. Even the more common Japanese maple trees that are green during summer of the year are still beautiful trees. No doubt!

Here is a video from our YouTube channel that I took April 2020 of our red Japanese maple tree.