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New Waiting List Update!

Hey everyone! Hope you are doing well. A couple of weeks ago (mid September 2020) we launched our new waiting list form. First off, if you got on our list before this new list was made, no worries you are still on our waiting list! But if you are new, you will need to submit the form to be on the waiting list.

Our waiting list used to be free, it worked, but there was way to many flaws, so we are doing are best to always improve and make things better. There is a $50 fee to be on our waiting list, but if you do get a puppy from us, that $50 goes toward the total puppy cost. The $50 is only lost if you choose to not get a puppy from us.

To Visit Our Waiting List Page, Click Here

Why did we do this? It should be free! Sure, some breeders have a waiting list that is free, some charge $500 to be on the list, we feel the way we are doing it is finding common ground and not being extreme in either direction. With the old style of the waiting list, we were getting around 20 submissions per day to be on the list, that is ALOT! In 2019 we only raised a total of about 30 puppies, all year! We were getting more waiting list submissions in two days than the amount of puppies we raise in an entire year. We were getting many on the list that were not serious, kids filling out the form, etc. we also used to ask “our waiting times are usually about a year, are you okay with waiting?” Once we had puppies available sooner than we thought, three weeks later that person had already got a puppy elsewhere, didn’t ask us to remove them from our list, took 2 days to respond, and took time away that we could be giving to someone else that is excited and 100% ready for a puppy and doesn’t mind waiting to get a puppy from us, we appreciate you! If your not ready yet, that is fine! We hope in the future when you are ready, we get the pleasure of helping you with your new puppy.

By charging $50 fee to get on our list now, it helps reduce the time wasters and allows us to give you more time and be able to reach out to families that are ready! We hope all of this makes sense to you. If you have any questions, please do feel free to reach out! Message us on our Facebook page or email us WeaverFamilyFarms@hotmail.com for the fastest response. Thanks!