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Lethargic Goat Heavy Worm Load Anemic – Cause & Treatment – Farm Life

Found my buck laying on his side yesterday. Almost gone. Immediately took action because once goats get like this. It does not take long to lose them as we just lost a doe this same way a couple weeks ago! They seem to lose a bunch of weight fast, then you find them on their death bed laying not moving! Take action fast. I am not professional or vet but I give as many tips as I can in the video is currently what I am doing and staying with my buck as much as I can. We had a lot of shows in November but overall all the way until now it’s been super mild temps. Above freezing almost every day and super wet, this makes it easy for worms to thrive, especially the dreaded barber pole worms!! Also at the end of the video, I have a little chart of how you can check the goat’s eye membrane eyelids for the color to see if they have a worm load or are getting close to becoming anemic! I hope this video is useful to you and I will try to post updates here as I can! Good luck to you all!
I normally do not liking making videos of animals with problems, because it is sad, and it does suck. However, as part of living on a farm, this is part of life. Sometimes NO MATTER what you do, this kind of thing will still happen. This winter has been VERY wet and warmer than normal overall which is making it super easy for all kinds of worms to thrive which makes it very hard to get rid of worms. After making this video and spending day and night for days with this buck, as well as going to different vets and spending a good amount of money because he is so worth it to me, with a heavy heart I have to say he passed away. We did EVERYTHING we possibly could have done which helps me come to peace about it, but it, of course, is still upsetting. It is important for me to make videos like this about animals that have different issues – not because I ever claim to be perfect, but to help others out there that are facing the same problems in hopes my videos or articles can help you with your animals.
Part of being the best agricultural farmer I can be is having to know that this kind of thing DOES & WILL happen from time to time, but always knowing in the end that I did EVERYTHING that could have possibly been done to save or help the animals life. God Bless.
Animals of any kind are not just Animals, they are all VERY important to me and have been my entire life, there is always something that is a learning experience when it comes to animals and this is the path the good Lord put me on, no matter how hard it can get or any losses that occur, it is important I keep pushing forward, learning and improving on everything that I possibly can.