Puppy Newsletter/Waiting List

PLEASE READ everything below.
Welcome to our waiting list/message list page. We get messages/texts/calls often about available puppies. 99% of the time, we do not have any available puppies. Our waiting lists typically stay pretty full/long. On average we get more emails, texts, & calls in a 48 hour period that the total amount of puppies we raise in an entire year. We are a small licensed breeder – not a pet store nor a breeder that has 500 puppies per year. If you are wanting to get a puppy right now & not willing to wait, I’m sorry, we are probably not who you are looking for. We like to stick to our morals, stay close to our dogs and have the amount in which our family can properly handle, love and care for.
Does it cost to be on our waiting list? It does not cost you anything.
Our waiting/message list is all done through our Facebook page – this is how we keep all messages in order of the time/date they were received. When we have a litter born we send out messages in the order they were received and that is your opportunity to place a deposit on a puppy. We do not take deposits on our puppies until a litter is born. If you want to be in line on our message list – simply send our Facebook page a message and let us know you would like to be on our waiting list and which kind of puppy that we raise you are wanting. If you don’t use Facebook much, that’s fine. When you message us to be on our waiting list you can leave your number in the message for us to call/text your number instead of Facebook message to notify you of puppies if that is what works best for you.
Our email newsletter sends out emails in bulk after we have gone through our Facebook message list. We also post here on our website and on our Facebook page to public at the same time, but only after we have sent out messages to everyone on our message list from our Facebook business page inbox. Over the years this is the way we have found to be best for us and this is how we choose to do it. If you are not willing to wait for a puppy – we are probably not who you are looking for. Also, before asking to be on our list, PLEASE browse our website to see what kind of puppies we raise, the average size of them, the colors we get etc. search “Weaver Family Farms” on Facebook. You will find us and our blue logo and send us a message. We would be more than happy to help you and your family in the future!
If for anytime you are not looking for a puppy from us anymore, please let us know to remove your name from our message list on Facebook by messaging us through Facebook. Thank you 😊
There is no need to message us on our Facebook page AND get on our email newsletter list both, please only one or the other.
Sometimes wait times can be quite a few months to a year. Thanks so much for understanding!
If at anytime you want to get off the email newsletter list you can click the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of any newsletter to get from us. If you have ANY questions or problems, NEVER hesitate to ask us! Facebook &/or text is the best way! 660-833-7565