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Let Us Build Your Website For You!

Getting a website does not have to be a scary thing, we will help you all along the way so you know how to use your new website we build for you and will strive to make your website how you want it!

You may see at the bottom of our website, and at the bottom of many other websites out there “Created By Daxon At WeaverFamilyFarms.com”

Websites that we have built
WeaverFamilyFarms.com (The website you’re on now)
& There Are Many More!

In most cases, we will have your website up and ready to go from 48 hours to 1 week within talking to us about it! CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US NOW! if you have any questions or if you are ready to get started! We will not let you down!

We offer some of the cheapest rates you will find! We love to help businesses finally get space on the internet to help drive more business to them! In this day and age, if you own a business, you NEED to be online and have your own website! We can do it for you!

Why Not Just Use A Free Website Builder?

Why not just use a free website builder like WIX.com? There are many issues you will face when using those kinds of free services. First – you will be very limited in what your website can do because you can only choose things to pick from that they already have set up for you to use. Also, Google does not tend to like website builders so almost always your website ranking in Google will always be low and there is not much that can be done about it. Typically since websites through Wix and other website builders are on a huge shared hosting server, your website will be very slow, and unless you start forking out some good money the slowness will not change. Using website builders, you almost always will never get the website to look exactly how you want, because its not “custom” you are simply picking from some of the templates they have available, and nothing will be custom for you like it would be if you choose to have us do your website, where we can make anything happen for you.


Basic Business Website, Up to 8 Pages. Includes one year of hosting, and also includes the domain name you choose for your website, all the artwork and design your website needs, and more! The website will look how you want it. ONLY $500.00

THE BASE COST IS $500 dollars which is MUCH cheaper than most companies can charge you! Some companies will charge upwards of $3,000 dollars or much more just for the basic website! Everything below is all optional things you can have added to your website build but is not mandatory.

Facebook Page Creation With Icon & Banner To Match Your Website

Add A Facebook LIKE BOX to your website (This is a must-have add-on!) What this does is will add a box to the top right of your website as you can see on this one, that shows your Facebook page and allows your visitors to click the like button from your website and instantly follow your page on Facebook! This helps you gain more likes and followers of your page to help retain returning customers! $50.00

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) This will help your website rank on search engines for content, keywords, tags and more! Also, includes us submitting your website to all of the top search engines! $100.00 per month (depending on how long you want or need it) $100.00 and up

Hit counter (This will display how much traffic your website has gotten since it launched for everyone to see!) $50.00

Need more than 8 pages + which are included in the basic business website set up? Only $20.00 more dollars per page! (we can work out a bulk deal if you are needing alot of pages)

Promotional Video For Your Business! It will go on our huge YouTube channel, we can also place it on your website anywhere you want it, you will also receive a copy of the video to put on your Facebook page or use it however you wish to! $150.00

Promoting Your Website & Getting You More Traffic (We will share your business on many of our large websites that we own for ourselves, as well as on Facebook to a potentially over 100,000 people in a months time! $50.00 per week

Guest BookThis will allow us to put a fully functional guestbook including setting up on your website where guests can come and leave reviews, and it also allows you to review them before they become public! This is a great way for your customers to engage with your business as well as to show over time how many people love your business! $100.00

Extra Web SecurityWe will add software to your website that allows you & us to track your website traffic’s IP address, which allows you to ban them if needed, countries your traffic comes from, and much more added on security set up and ready to do the work for you to help you to have a clean, spam free website! – $100.00

Tracking Your Traffic This will allow the backend of your website to have added features to track your traffic! You will be able to see your daily website hits, weekly, monthly, etc. You can see the browsers your users are using, where they came from to get to your website, which pages on your website are most visited as well as search results and much more!$50.00

Website Speed & Google Ranking HelpThis will allow us to check your website speed based on content and images that have been or will be added to your website, as well as to track how Google ranks your website based upon speed. Google will lower your ranking in the search results the slower your website responds. It can be difficult to get a perfect score, but doing all you can to improve the score can be the difference in hundreds or even thousands of extra traffic per month! There are many steps in this process but it really only needs to be done one time. We will do it as many times as possible until we see that your ranking due to website speed has improved! – $100.00

Get Your Business Listing On GoogleWe will get your business listed on Google Businesses, with pictures, log, information as well as link it to your website – $100.00

Payment Page We will add your very own personal business payment page with different price selections, or for customers to type in the price they need to so that your business can accept debit/credit cards. This works through Paypal, but we can help you set up the Paypal account if you are unsure how to do that. No problem – $100.00

Contact Us NOW (Pop-up)
This will create a popup that will pop up on any page you choose, stating any message you desire to have placed inside the popup. Normally this will pop up when a visitors lands on your homepage. It can have messages such as “Like us on Facebook, and have your contact number there and your facebook link” Or anything you can think of! $50.00

Side Bar Facebook Messenger Icon
This will show a facebook messenger icon on the side of your website, this will help any new customers or visitors to easily contact you. They simply click the facebook messenger logo icon, and it allows them to send a message directly to your Facebook business page! $50.00


Your yearly cost will depend on the amount of traffic you are receiving! It ranges from $300 per year for smaller websites and smaller traffic, to $1000 per year for larger websites with larger amounts of traffic. (This can also be paid monthly, or in other payments, if you are not wanting to or are unable to pay all at once) The average business website would run you around $200 dollars per year for average business traffic, other companies may charge upwards to $1,000 to $5,000 per year ++

 Updates, help from us, your domain renewal, hosting, etc!

When you purchase a website from us, and we build it, we will check it on a monthly basis, as long as your website is hosted with us, we will check and remove spam that is being added secretly from spammers to your website, as well as keep it all updated (It’s FREE)

We can do anything you need to have done for your website, big or small! Just ask!