About Us

I have had a poodle since the day I was born! My family has always had a poodle and then after going to college, I (Daxon) Kept on the family tradition! Since 1993!

We are a small Farm located in the country of Cairo, Mo   We love animals which includes raising dogs, our 96 ducks, Two Goats Named Massey & Clyde, and 3 cats! We also love technology and have been doing things on computers since Daxon was around the age of 3 to 4 years old back in the late 90’s

We love to do many woodworking projects such as build and finish coffee tables, dining room tables, end tables and more! We raise dogs which include raising cavapoo, cockapoo, and Toy Poodle puppies! We Are a STATE LICENSED BREEDER! Laser engraving is something else we have recently gotten into, but we do a great job at it! Laser engraving wood signs from a few inches big up to 20 inches tall by around 12 inches wide! We can also laser engrave other materials (excluding metal at this time). 3D printing is only in the future right? WRONG, we have 2 amazing 3D printers we have lots of man hours and money put into the business, we can 3D print nearly anything you want up to 8×8 inches big! Anything bigger than that will have to be cut in the software, printed and then plastic soldered together after being printed! We also build websites, make promo videos, do SEO work and much more!

Feel free to contact us and ask about anything you have a question about!