We Raise Cockapoo Puppies! We are a state-licensed breeder with the less than 10 licenses, all of our dogs and puppies are handled and loved on a daily basis, they all have names (not just numbers) and we are always ready to talk to you about getting your new puppy and answer your questions! Happy & Healthy Puppies & Dogs is our #1 Goal! We also do not raise a ton of different breeds, just a few breeds that are special to us that we understand and can properly raise for them to go home with you! These puppies are a cross hybrid between a cocker spaniel and a poodle, they are awesome puppies that grow into beautiful loving dogs! The cockapoo is sometimes also called a cockadoodle or spoodle! This is a great breed because you are combining 2 awesome dogs to make an even better breed! Cocker spaniels are outgoing and you get the typical quick learning and hypoallergenic (low to non-shed) from the poodle combined into one awesome dog, that is the cockapoo!
What is the average price for one of our cockapoo puppies? $1000 to $1400
All of our puppies come with health records, up to date on vaccines and dewormings, health certificates & lots of love! From our family to your family!


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