We Raise Maltipoo Puppies! We are a state licensed breeder with the less than 10 license, all of our dogs and puppies are handled and loved on a daily basis! They all have named (not just numbers required by the state) and we are always ready to talk to you about getting your new puppy and answer all of your questions! Happy & Healthy puppies & Dogs is our #1 goal ALWAYS. We also do not raise a ton of different breeds, just a few breeds related to poodles that are special to use, that we understand the most, and can properly raise for them to go home with you!
What is the average price for one of our Maltipoo puppies? $1000 to $1400
Maltipoo Puppies For Sale! You came to the right place! A Maltipoo is an awesome hybrid mix between a Toy Poodle & A Maltese. They range from 7-12 pounds on average. Maltese are great and very popular dogs, just like the poodle is!  You put the two breeds together to make this beautiful, hypoallergenic (low to nonshed) dog. These make for perfect indoor dogs, but they also love to play with you outside and with your children, or your other dogs. Maltipoos are sometimes also referred to as a Maltepoo, Malk-A-Poo, Moodle & many other nicknames!
All of our puppies come with health records, up to date on vaccines and dewormings, health certificate & lots of love! From our family to your family!

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