How Do I Trim My Dog’s Nails & How Often Should They Be Trimmed?

How Do I Trim My Dog’s Nails & How Often Should They Be Trimmed?

So, how often do I need to trim my dog’s nails? This is a question many ask, but there is no exact answer for all dogs. There are many things that can make the answer to this differently. The dog food your dog eats, different surfaces your dog is on, does your dog dig, what breed/size is your dog?

Depending on all of that, that gives you a wide range, anywhere from 1 – 4 months on average! If you dog digs or scratches a lot as some dogs do on harder surfaces, they are naturally wearing down their nails on their own so little trimming will be required.

Certain ingredients in dog food may also contribute to your dog’s nails growing faster than other dogs, as well as the breed of your dog, some dogs nails tend to grow not much at all, and some dogs nails seem to grow super fast!

There are tons of online videos that show you how to carefully and properly cut your dog’s nails! You can also see if your vet or a local groomer would be willing to teach you if you already give them a lot of business and not trying to be a “freeloader” they will typically be more than happy to teach you! As a breeder, if you have got your puppy from us, we will be more than happy to show you how or give you tips!

They sell very nice dog nail clippers that make cutting dogs nails a breeze these days! There is a chart below that has some more details on how short to cut your dogs nail without hurting your dog and causing damage, it is very important not to cut too short, but to cut enough to where you are actually making progress!

This video below is great for helping you learn how to cut your pups nails at home carefully!